WELCOME TO OUR TESTIMONIALS PAGE! WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR TESTIMONIALS, REFERENCES, AND REFERRALS! The Stepping Stone Real Estate Group prides itself on integrity, experience, and professionalism. That’s why we are so proud to share our testimonials and references with you!

These testimonials represent just a fraction of all of the references and referrals that Betsy and her team have received over the past 17 years from our happy buyers and sellers. These testimonials provide a true picture of the professional manner in which we conduct our business.

Feel free to review these testimonials from our clients, agents, title companies, lenders, and relocation companies. It’s great to know that we not only provide exceptional representation to our clients, but we treat all companies involved in the transaction with the highest degree of professionalism. By doing this, we ensure a smooth transaction for you from start to finish!

Neal and Yon Dollar
“You are the BEST real estate agent we have ever worked with in our 21 years of military moves!”

Tina and Jeff Bonham
“Betsy is terrific! From our first meeting with her, we knew we had found the person to handle the sale of our house. She’s professional knowledgeable, customer-oriented, has a super personality, and a great sense of humor. She truly watched out for us and always had our best interests in mind. She was constantly there to answer any questions, in person or via her constant emails…no matter how trivial. We love her!!”

Helen G

“I won’t sell or buy again without Donna. I enlisted her services and immediately knew I made the right choice. She was attentive and enthusiastic and went above and beyond to make sure she knew exactly what I wanted. Her knowledge and abilities were so impressive and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Donna!!”

Cindy and Michael Lancaster
“Somehow thank you just doesn’t seem nearly adequate! The Stepping Stone Group has been such a delight to work with! Michael and I have really enjoyed our experience, and truly appreciate your time, patience, and wisdom. You have gone way above and beyond, and we really appreciate it!”

Kris and Jim Day
“Thanks for everything, Betsy! We appreciate how proactive and responsive you are. Jim and I agree…you are the best agent we’ve ever had!”

Cheryl Dupre, CRG Global Relocation
“Thank you for all of your hard work! I have rated you a “5” in our system – which is the highest rating we can give!”

Pat Fales, ReMax
“I am quite certain that all went very well, thanks in great part to you, Betsy. You have done a super job. Thank you so much for your professionalism and attention to detail. We have truly enjoyed working with you and look forward to doing it again soon.

Chris J.

“I highly recommend Donna O’Brien with Stepping Stone. We worked as a team in another industry. I would always ask her  to be the icebreaker and “chummy” one, we’d both work with the client on our services, value and loyalty. She does wonderful in any interest pursues. I would certainly love to have her back on my hotel team……no wonder why she left hospitality to real estate.

Kathy and Gregor Heinrich
“We certainly view you as the best. Your terrific personality is uniquely wonderful and unmatched. Thanks for putting up with my repeated emails and always being there when we needed you, including the ongoing counseling you provided in this tough market.”

Nancy R.

I can’t say enough about my experience working with Donna O’Brien.  From start to close, she was a great listener, anticipated my needs, had great attention to fine details, strong negotiating skills, and an upbeat, professional, and positive attitude.  Even when things got complicated, she always got it done for me.   She loves what she does–and it shows.”

Lori Polley, Long and Foster Realtors
“Your sincere, hard work today is truthfully what won your client this contract. Thank you for your diligence.”

Brian and Amy Rall
“On a couple of occasions, when we celebrate our good news, we have both said “Thank God for Betsy.” You are the key for how we ended up here. Simply put, my dear, you are more than our Realtor. You are a part of our family, and we can’t thank you enough for getting us to this point. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Katie and Jared Dean
“You were phenomenal and made the whole process as painless as possible, and really exceeded any expectation we had as a Realtor. We are nothing but thrilled that the home did sell and never look back with anything but pleasure with how it all turned out. We couldn’t be happier! We think of you fondly and often and wish all the best to you and your family.”

Jeffrey Gallant
“The Stepping Stone Group, it is quite apparent to me that you are above and beyond your contemporaries in your chosen profession. When buy-time comes along, it will unequivocally be connected with you.”

Liz and Tony Aquino
“We appreciate all of the guidance, honesty, and care that you gave us during the house-buying process. We feel blessed to have had such great help!”

Tom and Lisa Bair
“Thank you for all your attention to detail in the sale of our home. We really appreciate all you did to make us feel comfortable at every turn.”

Judy Coulter
“Thank you for being so extremely helpful in the marketing and sale of my condo. I always felt that I had your full attention and I really appreciated it. I am so grateful for your assistance – thank you for your “above and beyond” help!”

John Gaillard
“Thank you, Betsy! As always your email to the buyers was very eloquent and gracious, and completely captured the intent we discussed. You’re the best!”

Karen Johnson
“I want you to know that I appreciated the speed in which you facilitated the sale of my home. Before I called you, I had done my homework and decided that you would do a good job as my agent and you did! Your prompt response and professional but personable manner speaks volumes. Thanks again for making the sale of my home an easy process.”

Daniel and Dana Rainer
“We truly got lucky when we met you! Throughout the process you were always on top of things. We would recommend you to anyone looking for a competent, patient, knowledgeable Realtor. You made the entire process headache-free for us and we are truly grateful for that. Please don’t hesitate to give our name and number to your prospective clients. We’d be happy to tell them about our extraordinary experience with you!”

Anna and Brian Quigley
“You are first class! You have the knowledge, wisdom, and goodness to help people like us buy and sell homes. We are so lucky to have had you on our side! Thank you for all of your kindness and helpfulness. You made this process (both buying and selling our homes) a great process.”

Shara Rosenow and Matt Slattery
“You really went above and beyond related to our contracts with your diligence. You made the process more enjoyable. I also was very impressed with your professionalism and willingness to dive right in. Thanks again – you made the For Sale By Owner experience much better by selling our house.”

Sanjay and Archana Malhotra
“Thanks for such a super job! Archana and I really appreciate your professionalism and it really shows in the results you have produced!”

Scott Eisenhart, East West Mortgage
“It was a pleasure meeting you at the settlement last Monday. Knowing the emotions that some clients bring to the closing table, I appreciated the professionalism you exhibited. I look forward to the opportunity of doing business with you in the future.”

Michael Drueen
“My ex-wife and I purchased and sold a town home and ultimately purchased the house that I’m currently residing in. It’s been five years since we sold the town home, and it’s still listed as the highest selling unit in that particular community. We sold it at the top of the market and got premium dollar for it. That’s largely due to Betsy’s work.

If you want to talk about going above and beyond, we were actually on a boat in the Caribbean when Betsy hunted us down via satellite and contacted the ship’s captain in order to get a message to us that a deal was eminent. We worked out the final details of the deal somewhere in the waters of the Caribbean drinking Piña coladas, while she was clearing all the paperwork up north.”

Robert Franklyn
“Betsy is phenomenal. She found us our first house and when we were ready to sell it, she came in and helped us through the sales process. She walked through and realistically told us what needed to be done in regards to replacing things and cleaning up. When we did everything she suggested, she walked through again and gave us a touch up list. We were very aware of what other people were looking at, and what was going to sell the property the quickest. The sales process went relatively quick. Two weeks in we had a buyer on the line.

She was very quick and helpful with the paperwork. She explained everything so that we had an understanding of what we were signing. It’s good to have someone dumb it down for you, so it’s easy to digest. When we accepted the contract, she walked us through all of that. When the buying agent had some problems, she stepped in to resolve them, so that we could sell our property faster. You have tendency to appreciate the extra work that she does. ”

Don Clarke
“I have a wonderful house, which is a direct result of all the hard work the Stepping Stone Group put in. We found a house we absolutely love. I was not convinced we even needed a house, but my wife insisted on an upgrade, as we’re getting ready to have kids. That’s when we found Betsy. Let me tell you, she was absolutely wonderful. She was extremely patient, and really helped us buy and sell a house at the same time. We were selling the one we were in as well as buying another. She knew all of the right questions to ask, the right places to look, and was able to narrow it down to what we were looking for while applying our wants to houses in the area. You never felt like a number. She was always in it for the long haul, and that was to make sure we found what we were looking for, so I truly appreciate that from her.”

Scott Streicher

“I’ve bought and sold four or five houses with Betsy. The last two sold in less than a day. One of them sold in around four hours. I’ve had great results with Betsy. I absolutely adore her. She is very personable, very good at follow up and she made life so easy for us. When we put our home up for sale, she took care of everything from A-Z. She took care of scheduling all of the inspections. She’s very good at all of the follow up, and kept us on track. It makes life a lot easier when you’re buying and selling a home.”

Will Smolinski
“I have used Betsy three times now, my wife and I have used her twice together, and I bought a condo right before the recession. Betsy is great, she does a good job of educating you on the process, what she thinks your home is worth. She was really helpful, especially for a first time home-buyer. The first condo I bought with her, my loan fell through on the day of closing, so there was a really nervous three hours or so, and she was a comforting voice of reason steering me in the right direction for sure. She did a great job of staging both the condo and house my wife bought together, and she told us what we needed to do to make everything look good. She does a good job from the time that you contact her about being interested in buying, to keeping you on the front of what is going on. She checks in regularly to keep you from worrying. It shows she is just as concerned about getting you into a home as you are. She does that really well.”

Carl Rich

We are so thankful we chose Betsy Voegtlin and her team to sell our home. She was highly recommended from our neighbor, in the Random Hills Community of Fairfax, VA, and she did not disappoint! From the first time we met her, she was very knowledgeable about the market in our community and guided us through the next steps. Her suggestions in home improvements and staging wound up getting us multiple offers on our home in a short period of time. We wound up selling our home for our asking price. It was not an easy road to get to closing due to problems with our buyers’ financing, but Betsy was able to communicate our options every step of the way and guide us through the process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a hard working, knowledgeable, kind, professional who gets the job done!

Joan Gick
I worked with Betsy in 2010 when I sold my condo and bought my dream home. Betsy is simply the best! She was approachable, helpful, and made the entire process smooth and easy. I plan to use her excellent services again when I sell my home in the future.

Laurie Brill
Betsy is the best of the best! She helped me purchase my first home in 2009, and then listed it for sale for us in 2013. Her vast knowledge and professionalism are absolutely unparalleled, and she works tirelessly to take care of her client! She advised us well on small projects to make the house look better when we listed it, prepared us well for the process, and advised us well on setting a price point. Our home was under contract for well over our asking price within 36 hours of her listing it! She stayed with us through everything, from the home inspection and following negotiations, to closing, through our rent back, etc. She knows the laws and rules backwards and forwards, and was always professional, ethical, and SO NICE! She and her team are the real deal and a total class act- we could not be happier and recommend her to everyone!

Jan Chizzonite
Betsy advised us over the course of 3 years as we prepared our home for sale with the hope of achieving it maximum value without overspending. We did just that and the value she brought to us was worth every penny of the commission. If you are looking for a realtor to be your trusted adviser, look no further.

Marco Andrei
It makes a huge different to work with a great realtor. Although you should know you definitely receive the top award for working with us from a distance- our realtor in UT hasn’t been able to give us the speedy communication and detail you did- you set the bar high!

Tudor and Marcela Petre
Thank you for all your help and support! It has been wonderful in every possible way of this “not easy” and “unique” transaction. Not only you were professional and following up on every detail, but made us trust and believe in you since day one. We have already recommended you to a friend of ours who has been assigned to Washington DC.

Lisa Moffett
Betsy, you have been great to work with. So refreshing these days to have a responsive, professional Realtor to work with.

Tina Bonham
Betsy is terrific! From our first time meeting with her, we knew we had found the person to handle the sale of our house. She’s professional, knowledgeable, customer- oriented, had a super personality, and a great sense of humor. She truly watched out for us and always had our best interests in mind. She was constantly there to answer questions, in person or via constant emails… no matter how trivial. We love her!!

Viviana Coleman

Since the moment I met Betsy I knew she was the right person that I can work with. I sold my house very fast and she was very helpful throughout the process. I know that if I need a realtor I can contact her again. She is very very knowledgeable in this business.

Abid Rawn
I came across Betsy and her company about three years ago, and I have been constantly impressed by her professionalism and pursuit of excellence in trying to fulfill a customer’s needs.

If I could, I would have rated her more than five stars. I highly recommend her and wish her every success in her business. She deserves it.

Betsy and her company stand head and shoulders above the competition. Her drive to understand a client and approach to marketing a property is par excellence e.g. In my previous neighborhood, we all received an outstanding personalized newsletter about the happenings in the property market.

I have moved houses about 12 times in the past 30 plus years. I can confidently say that Betsy stands out as one of the best in the business. She has always been very helpful and caring. She believes that if she offers the best possible service to anyone who contacts her, whether they offer her business or not; in the long run, her value-add will eventually benefit the business. The primary driver is to be a great listener and fulfill a client’s needs, and the rest will eventually follow.

Ryan O’Toole
Betsy took all of the anxiety and pressure out of our home buying experience. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and years of knowledge and experience made finding us the perfect home an absolute pleasure. Betsy was always quick to respond to questions, make inquiries, or just let us know where we were in the process no matter what time it was, day or night. Betsy’s’ first class service and genuine personality has won us over as her loyal clients for life.

Meara and Jason
I first met Betsy at an open house 4 years ago when I was looking to buy my first home. I was impressed how diligently and professionally she was representing the home, even though it was not a particularly high-value property. I ended up working with her and her real estate partner to purchase a condo a few months later. Fast forward 3 years, I chose Betsy and her team to list and sell my condo. Betsy spent a lot of time with me going over the listing procedures, including a great “tough love” session where she went over the repairs, changes, and staging I would have to do before selling. My beautified condo ended up selling in 24 hours, at a great price. Betsy was responsive and professional throughout the whole process, and I recommend her and her team to anyone.

Dan Rosenblatt
Betsy was extraordinary in helping us both to sell our home in Alexandria and to buy a new one in the same town. During a tough market time she used their talents and skills to bring us what we wanted and we are truly grateful for the help she provided. We strongly recommend this team and group to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home.

Diedre Dessommes
As soon I met Betsy I knew she was the realtor for me. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, she is also personable, responsive and just wonderful to work with. Thanks to her great efforts, my townhouse sold in a short period of time. If you are buying or selling your home, I highly recommend Betsy and her team

Juan Oropeza
Betsy took all of the pressure out of buying a home. Her professionalism, combined with her outgoing personality, attention to detail, and years of knowledge made finding us the perfect home a pleasure. Betsy and her staff also went out of their way to assist us and to keep us updated. I would
recommend Betsy and her team to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home.